The Grease - Pana Engine Oil

The Grease - Pana Engine Oil
One of the important points about the application of the grease is that this lubricant is needed in relatively smaller qualities than other lubricant and oils and this reduces the cost of its use. Generally, when the availability of the equipments is problematic, the grease can become an important positive option.

A-Z of the grease and its application:

First, it is necessary to know that the grease is a gelatin (solid or semi-solid) material that is obtained by combining oils and petroleum derivatives with some additives. In other words, this product is often obtained via separation process during which the thickener is poured on the lubricant followed by the addition of other additives and improvers.
It should be noted that the grease is mainly used for lubrication and the motive force cannot be employed without this material. The main advantage of the grease is that its is used in relatively smaller amount than other lubricants. The main applications of the grease are summarized below:
  • This product is used less frequently than other lubricants and oils and this reduces the repair and renewal cost of the equipments. Generally, when the availability of equipments is problematic, the grease can become an important positive option.
  • Grease effectively prevents entrance to and emission of dust particles from the machinery.
  • Shelf-life of this product is much longer than other lubricants. Sometimes, this lubricant is produced in a special way and with the use of special materials and additives so that, if well sealed, its quality remains stable over a longtime.
  • Reduces the friction of the machinery at times of early starting
  • This lubricant is applicable within a broad range of temperature while other lubricants and oil can be used only at specific temperatures.
  • Prevents rusting and corrosion
Note: generally, this product is obtained by combining a lubricant or oil with a thickener or metal soap.

Types of grease:

Greases are of various types each with specific application. Some of the most important types are as follows:
  • Calcium: this is the most common type of grease mainly characterized by its low cost and water resistance
  • Sodium: this type has two advantages: it is cheap and of high quality
  • Lithium: this type has the main characteristic of being water resistant
  • Aluminum: the price and performance of this type is higher than the others
  • Polyurea: this type has specific properties and excellent quality

Advantages of using grease:

  • Easy application
  • Helps sealing the system
  • Easy use and less frequent need for lubrication
  • High quality and shelf-life

Disadvantages of using grease:

  • Easily penetrates into the pulmonary system
  • Difficult maintenance condition relative to other lubricants
  • Poor of cooling ability
  • Poor penetration into tiny parts of the system

Parameters for the evaluation of grease:

  • Pumpability
  • Permeability
  • Resistance against climate variation
  • Dropping point
  • Temperature range
  • Reversibility
  • High pressure
Note: one distinguishing feature of the grease is that it can be used for lubrication of areas in the machinery which are otherwise not accessible by other lubricants. Important point is that the quality of this product is largely dependent on the type and amount of its ingredients. In other words, the thickeners are the main determinant of grease resistance and stability against water, high temperatures etc.
It is noteworthy that the following additives are included in the grease to enhance the quality of the product:
  • Rust inhibitors
  • Anti-oxidants
  • Corrosion inhibitors
  • Very high compressibility compounds
  • Stabilizers
  • Pour point depressants
  • Anti-foaming materials
  • Improvers
And finally …
Despite its advantages and applications, choosing suitable grease is relatively difficult. If you are interested in purchasing high quality grease, please consult the Pardis engine oil company and get the product. The Pardis Co. always attempts to respect all principles and standards in the production of the grease.

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