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Pana Engine Oil

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Pana Engine Oil

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We are the first customer of our own products - Pana Engine Oil

Pana Engine Oil

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روغن موتور پانا

Pardis Engine Oil Refinery

Oil in various industries as a lubricant and reduce friction between parts, plays a main role in cleaning parts and removing contaminants from appliances as well as cooling devices and equipment. One of the most widely used types of lubricating oils (Lube Oil) is car engine oil, which is divided based on parameters such as viscosity, pour point, freezing point, cleaning properties, acidity, flash point, and etc. Pardis Motor Oil Refinery under the brands of Pana (Superhema and Carino), in addition to producing motor oil for different gasoline and diesel vehicles such as car, truck, motorcycle and boat engine oils, and also produces various required lubricants for different industries such as gear oil and hydraulic oil as well as antifreeze and anti-boiling.

The Environmental Friendliness

A liter of used oil can contaminate about one million gallons of cleaning water, the annual water supplying of fifty people. Releasing used oil into the earth and soil not only destroys soil fertility, it also disrupts the life of soil creatures and the wastewater treatment process. The release of used oil to surface water creates a thin layer on top which deprives aquatic organisms from sunlight and seriously disrupts photosynthesis. The contaminants present in used oil originate from the friction between engine parts or combustion, affect aquatic organisms and thereby our food cycle, and lead to various cancers. In addition to being beneficial for the nature and the environment, re-refining used oil can significantly reduce oil production costs and improve oil quality.

روغن موتور پانا

High Engine Heat Tolerance

The most important function of Engine oil is protecting the engine and its mechanical components. In fact, engine oil is such blood in the veins of car engine with the crucial task of transferring heat and cooling the engine’s components. Engine overheating significantly reduces its lifespan and seriously damages the engine and its parts. Therefore, selecting a suitable engine oil can effectively keep the car engine healthy. The Pardis Engine Oil Co.'s high-quality engine oil has high temperature tolerance and excellent quality and meets international standards. We are the first customers of the product that we make.

It flows in the veins of the city

Pardis Engine Oil

Pardis Engine Oil Co. strives to produce and supply lubricants and derivatives to the Iranian market and export to other countries following the latest standards, environmental commitment, and the latest technological manufacturing achievements. As an Iranian manufacturer, Pardis Engine Oil Co. emphasizes customers’ rights to contribute to Iran's goodwill.


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