Gear Oil - Pana Engine Oil

Gear Oil - Pana Engine Oil
replacement of the gear oil but, some of the cars need less frequent oil replacement due to their better performance. In other words, this oil is composed of materials that effectively protect the gearwheel

A-Z of the gear oil:

First, you should know that the gear oil or Wastcassin is a type of oil that differs from the engine oil and is used for lubrication of all movable components of the gearbox fitted into gearbox system and steer system etc. This oil is highly compatible with metals such as steel, bronze and copper alloys etc.

It should be noted that all cars need replacement of the gear oil but, some of the cars need less frequent oil replacement due to their better performance. In other words, this oil is composed of materials that effectively protect the gearwheel.

Sometimes, dust contamination and prolonged use at high temperatures may lead to reduced quality of the oil. Therefore, the gear oil should be regularly checked in order to avoid damages to the car.

Note: the main purpose of replacing gear oil is to reduce depreciation and increase the life-span of the car.

Gear oil should be replaced when its color turns to brownish red. The fresh gear oil appears red and the appropriate time for its replacement can be determined by evaluating its concentration and odor.

Generally, gear oil is composed of two primary materials as follows: the base oil and additives. These additives possess desirable and excellent properties that guarantee the quality and efficiency of the product.

Important parameters for choosing gear oil:

  • Gear oil should be temperature stable (not oxidized at high temperatures)
  • The oil should have high compressibility
  • Gear oil should be resistant to external contaminations
Note: oils for automatic and manual gears are different and thus, all details should be addressed when purchasing this product.

Additives in the gear oil:

The following additives are usually included in the gear oil in order to improve its performance:

  • Anti-abrasion and anti-crack additives
  • Pour point depressants
  • Anti-corrosives and anti-oxidants
  • Detergents
  • dispersant additives

The application and advantages of the gear oil:

  • Inhibition of corrosion
  • Controlling the sludge and sediments in the system
  • Improving viscosity
  • Dispersion and adhesion to the surfaces
  • Protection against rusting
  • Inhibition of oxidation
  • Minimizing viscosity fluctuation at warm and cold weathers
  • Reducing contamination
  • Resistance against extremely high temperatures
  • Hydrophobicity

Important points around the gear oil:

Despite abovementioned facts, the gear oil is one of the most important and most effective lubricants used for lubricating gearboxes and movable parts of the car. In addition to facilitating gear change, this product reduces corrosion and abrasion in the system.
Choosing suitable gear oil along with proper use of the oil, and on-time replacement of the oil are among factors protecting the gearbox and expanding its life-span. Important point is that the manual and automatic gearboxes function similarly allowing the change of gear for speed control.
It is noteworthy that the gear oil is highly long-lasting in terms of maintaining performance of the equipments and increasing their resistance and efficiency. Important point is that if the gear oil is used in inadequate amounts, one might have difficulty changing the gear.
It should be noted that inadequate amount of gear oil may damage the gearbox which is often without obvious signs. Some factors must be carefully considered when purchasing this product.
Considering that the gear oil is produced in several factories today, its quality varies across different areas. Therefore, individuals willing to buy this type of oil are recommended to refer the Pardis engine oil company and purchase their required product.
Note: the Pardis Co. has made the quality and customer satisfaction its two top priorities and has employed the best quality raw materials in the production line.

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