Base oil - Pana Engine Oil

Base oil - Pana Engine Oil
It worth noting that different base oil have different characteristics making each of them suitable for lubrication of different machinery components

A-Z of base oil:

First, you should know that the base oil is considered as the principle ingredient of the lubricants. In other words, base oil is the most important component of various lubricants which is used in all cars and has many potential applications.
Major products obtained from the base oil are greases, engine oils, metal processing fluids etc. just to name a few. Important point about this product is that it is obtained through refining of crude oil and is mainly composed of paraffinic and aromatic compounds.
It should be noted that the base oil has several applications with the lubrication being the most important one. In other words, this product can be obtained from petroleum or non-petroleum sources and the characteristics of this product are largely dependent on the type of crude oil and its refinement method.
Note: with the advancements in the industry and technology today, base oils with excellent quality, suitable viscosity, high stability and expanded shelf-life is produced and introduced to the market.

Different types of base oil:

Generally, the base oil is produced in three distinct types as follows:
  • Mineral base oil
This oil is directly obtained from crude oil refining without any intermediate.
  • Natural base oils
This type of oil is composed of mixture of triglycerides which increase the flash point and fire point of the product relative to mineral oils. High pour point is the main weakness of this oil which should be overcome by the use of suitable additives.
  • Synthetic base oil
The artificial or synthetic oil is produced under completely controlled conditions by mixing one or several low molecular weight organic compounds.

Characteristics and advantages of the base oil:

  • Improvement of heat resistance and stability
  • Improvement of viscosity
  • Promoted features at lower temperatures
  • High lubrication ability
  • Prevention of sediments and sludge
  • Very High resistance at various conditions
  • Excellent efficiency

Production processes of the base oil:

Some procedures have been executed in recent years in order to improve the quality and performance of the base oil including:

  • Mixing with bleaching earth
  • Washing with acid
  • Washing with anhydride sulfur

Important points around the base oil:

It is noteworthy that each type of base oil has different characteristics making them suitable for lubricating different machinery components. The main advantages of these oils are: lubrication of equipments, protection of the machinery components, metal cutting, turning, thermal processing, heat transfer etc.
Generally, these exists several types of crude oil all over the world which are used for the production of various types of base oil. The paraffinic crude oil is the most common form, although the naphthenic crude oil is also abundant which yields the base oil with excellent properties and performance at lower temperatures.  
All lubricants contain at least one base oil compound which acts as the base lubricant before other additives or thickeners are incorporated in order to enhance the quality of the lubricant. Therefore, it is recommended to ensure the quality of the base oil before choosing a lubricant.
It should be noted that all base oils are not equal because the formulation and its current standards can cause unique differences across different oils. Therefore, the properties and advantages described for each of the base oils has been extended to all classifications.
If you are looking for good quality base oil, it is recommended to consult the Pardis engine oil company. The Pardis Co. is a manufacture of various oils which supplies all of its products to the retail centers with adequate assurance.
Important point is that the replacement of lubricants, especially those with different base oils, should be performed with caution and respecting all necessary guidelines, otherwise the system may encounter difficulties due to incompatibility of the oil and the engine. 

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