What is engine oil? Introduction to Various Engine Oils

What is engine oil?

Engine oil plays a crucial role in the car engine's health. Historically, friction could lead to desirable outcomes, like creating fire, but over time with modern technological advancements and in the automotive industry, experts realized that friction between parts causes damage. In the automotive industry, there are parts that form the engine when put together.
The close proximity of steel car engine parts with a great deal of friction and high processing and operational velocity, and their operation in a closed environment requires an analyzer or a liquid to analyze the engine’s components in the shortest possible time and lubricate the system.
All industrial oils, including engine oil, are made from petroleum and other additives. First, a liquid known as base oil is extracted from crude oil at refineries, which creates engine oil when mixed with certain substances.

The main responsibilities of engine oil are as follows:


Cleaning the engine's internal components, preventing friction, and keeping engine components soot-free are the most important responsibilities of engine oil.

The most important question at anyone's mind is the suitable engine oil for their car, or the features of a good engine oil.

You don't need to be a chemist or a chemical engineer to answer this question, you only need a preliminary understanding of the types of engine oil.

Types of Engine Oil:

Mineral Engine Oil

Mineral Engine Oil is produced from crude oil and is the cheapest and most common oil available on the market.

Synthetic Engine Oil

Synthetic engine oil is comprised of chemical compounds like hydrocarbon polymers, and crude oil is not involved in its production. It has many advantages compared to mineral engine oil, the most important of which are high oxidation resistance, high fuel temperature, and non-toxicity. If you are looking to reduce your fuel consumption, synthetic engine oils can be a good choice. Note that this type of oil is more expensive than mineral engine oil and is not compatible with old cars.

Semi-synthetic Engine Oil:

Semi-synthetic Engine Oil:

This engine oil is produced with the mixture of mineral and synthetic engine oil. Although it lacks the quality and durability of synthetic engine oil, it has better quality and lower cost than mineral oil.

Selecting the Right Engine Oil

I hope that you have learned about purchasing the right engine oil. While purchasing engine oil, pay attention to factors such as quality, low friction coefficient, and high lubrication ability between various engine components. A good engine oil should also be resistant to corrosion, rust, and erosion.

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