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About us

PARDIS MOTOR OIL COMPANY was established in 2002 as a private sector in Iran. It employs perfect experts to produce high quality motor oils, gear oils and industrial oils. All of its products are extracted from recycled oils. Pardis motor oil company could meet international and national standards.

pardis motor oil - factory / Rafsanjan

It exports most of its goods to different continents. The most valuable and important aim for Pardis is capturing the customer satisfaction. All managers in Pardis intend to increase this measure. So, they propose best qualities against the most reasonable and competitive price. As there are varieties of taste in packaging, Pardis offers different packaging with considering customers’ suggestions. Different packagings in model and size from 1 ltr to 208 ltr are the optional choices that this company provides for its customers.

pardis motor oil - factory / Rafsanjan

Pardis tries to put all customers’ considerations. The best attribute of Pardis is being responsible and committed to its customers and delivering their orders in the shortest delivery time.